Peter Le


18 Feb 2017 »

This is going to be my second attempt at a technical/dev blog and this time I will focus more on the content rather than the design while trying to create content periodically. I have decided to create a Github-based blog because I have several projects hosted on GitHub and this blog intends to host technical content. In addition to that it is convenient and there is less settings for me to tinker with.

The theme I have opted to use is called Stack Problems created by Agus Makmun. I also had [Jekyll Mono](] and Jekyll Uni in my sights and are both great themes, but “Stack Problems” was nice and simple. I prefer having the list of posts compact and all in view without having to scroll the page. Pagination can deal with the overflow. I may end up switching to Jekyll Uno because it is a really clean theme.

With the currently installed theme, I have updated most of the things that came stock with the theme such as names, titles, social media links, avatars, and hyperlink colors to an extent. The remaining changes I need to make are to the projects page (removing the placeholder projects) and changing the pagination link colors to green which I have not figured out how to do yet.